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The Entheology Project is a California based 508(c)(1)(a) religious Non-Profit organization empowering the entheo community with free and innovative tools that raise awareness about the positive uses of entheogens. This shared knowledge-base allows us to deepen our understanding and provide deep learning about the healing modalities of entheogens.

Our approach is based on the principle of "Peer Learning". As we gather new insights from the research community, we simultaneously share this wisdom with the wider community in real time, thereby democratizing knowledge and avoiding data silos. This is facilitated through our AI technology, MushGPT, which serves as the fulcrum for data tracking, unifying new knowledge, and elevating communal intelligence.

The Entheology Project is more than just a data repository. It is a vital support system for the psychedelic mushroom ecosystem, where seekers, researchers, and facilitators often face daily stresses and dangers due to a lack of resources and an underground operating environment. Our organization strives to provide practical solutions to these challenges by fostering responsible referral, promoting social health equity, and mitigating harm to the culturally appropriated individuals who are the roots of psychedelic discoveries.

A key aspect of our work is using open and democratized artificial intelligence to foster innovation within the community. This results in the production of legal ancillary psychedelic support products that benefit the community at large. We also create a safe and trustworthy space for commerce between members.

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As a 508(c)(1)(a) non-profit organization, we rely on the generous donations from people like you to support our mission. Your donation helps us continue our work in creating safer, more enlightened experiences for all. All donations are tax deductible! Ready to support us?

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