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Support for Mystical Experiences

We are a community of researchers and seekers who understand visionary and mystical experiences. We shift the focus from “What’s happened to you?” to “How can we help?”

Synchronous Community Learning

Collaborative online research community learns and shares the latest Entheogenic discoveries in near real-time.

Seekers' Guide

We use technology to find the best facilitator for your specialized needs.

Social Equity For All

Trauma informed services are available to all members regardless of income, race, religion, sexual orientation, gender or ethnicity. We offer sliding scale integrative coaching to all.


  • Modern Entheogenic science and integration modalities.
  • Community supported database of tribal and ancestral knowledge.
  • Hero’s Journal – a community driven forum to learn, share and get support with mystical experiences.
  • Non-directive, intuitive and self-paced at home integration. We don’t “guide” but rather create a safe space for you.
  • Learn about many stories like yours at the Hero’s Journal.
  • Sliding-scale professional integration and coaching available by appointment.
  • Entheogenic Defense Fund – The legal voice of the Entheogenic religious community.
  • CPR (California Policy Reform) – A diverse think-tank of experts who research proposed Entheogenic regulations.
  • Advocates Of-Council – a specialized group of advocate member attorneys.

Keep up with the latest Entheogenic developments!

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The Entheology Project is committed to advancing the understanding of psychedelic entheogens through a diverse range of research initiatives. Our projects are driven by subject matter experts in Entheogenic research who are passionate about exploring various aspects of these powerful substances. Below, you'll find a list of our most popular areas of continuing research, along with brief descriptions of each project.

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