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Finalist Logos

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Meeting Minutes 3/29/2022

Recording Topic: Entheology KickoffStart Time: Mar 29, 2022 05:52 PM Meeting Recording Access Passcode: 1WM*a.EH -Rev’s Story- worked in teh for years until he started microdosing — just for partying…

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Introduction What is: (proposed) Entheology: The study of health and wellness using Psychedelics. Entheologist: A subject matter expert in one or many psychedelic disciplines. Entheologic Association: A psychedelic support community.…

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Roles Required

Board of Directors Lead Minister – directs the overall mission of the org and is the primary advisor to the rest of the org; Spokesperson/ heart and soul and face…

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Domain Name Assets

Primary: (biz, .church, .cc, .club, .earth, .fun, .biz, .live, .me, .pro, .shop, .site, .today, .vip, .world) Secondary: (.church, .co, .net, .club, .life, .me, .online, .today, .tv, .us) Short…

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Links and files for sharing & review go here. Non-Profit By-Laws Statements of Beliefs

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PUBLIC SAFETY ALERT: Fentanyl Found In Recreational Drugs