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Magic Mushrooms Safety: A Guide to Responsible Use and Populations at Risk

Summary This article aims to raise awareness about the safe and responsible use of magic mushrooms, known scientifically as Psilocybe species. While research has shown potential therapeutic benefits for conditions…

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The Power of GABA and Amanita Mushrooms in Shaping Depression, Sleep, Mood and Anxiety

In this illuminating exploration into the shifting sands of mental health research, the focus moves away from serotonin to the emerging importance of Gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) and muscimol 1. The…

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Elevating Celebrations: Navigating Nightlife’s Labyrinth

In the vibrant tapestry of nightlife, moments of unbridled joy often intertwine with shadows of excess. Traditional revelry can sometimes skew towards the unsustainable, leading to energy-draining episodes and a…

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The Interaction Between Magic Mushrooms and SSRIs in Therapy

Insights into Psilocybin and Antidepressant Interactions As the field of psychedelic therapy burgeons, understanding the interactions between different medications becomes paramount. A prominent interaction under examination is between psilocybin, the…

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Understanding the Limitations of Fentanyl Test Strips: Promoting Awareness and Solutions

The rise of the fentanyl crisis has brought forth the urgent need for harm reduction strategies to address the adulteration of street drugs. Fentanyl test strips have emerged as a…

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PUBLIC SAFETY ALERT: Fentanyl Found In Recreational Drugs

CDPH Issues Recommendations for Drug Overdose Response: Naloxone Distribution, Prevention Education, and Equitable Treatment Access. Entheology Project, a non-profit organization dedicated to entheogenic harm reduction, has issued a public safety…

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PUBLIC SAFETY ALERT: Fentanyl Found In Recreational Drugs