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Healing the Mind: The Role of the Hippocampus in Memory and PTSD

The hippocampus, a region tucked within the medial temporal lobe of the brain, is a vital player in memory formation and spatial navigation. It is also one of the brain…

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Minneapolis Deprioritizes Enforcement of Entheogenic Plants: A Step Towards Psychedelic Reform

Introduction: In a groundbreaking move, the City of Minneapolis has issued Executive Order No. 2023-01, deprioritizing the enforcement of laws related to entheogenic plants. This executive order recognizes the potential…

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Understanding Public Awareness and Perceptions of Entheogens

Insights from the UC Berkeley Psychedelics Survey The emergence of new medical treatments often raises public curiosity and prompts in-depth research and discussions. The recent interest in psychedelic substances for…

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Avoid High-Doses of Psilocybin with Bipolar, Schizophrenia, and Borderline Personality Disorders

An Exploration into the Neurobiology and Safety Guidelines Psilocybin, a powerful psychoactive compound present in magic mushrooms, is increasingly investigated for its potential therapeutic applications. However, its consumption can pose…

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Ensuring Worker Health in the Mushroom Manufacturing Industry

A Closer Look at Industry Worker Safety Introduction As the demand for psilocybin mushrooms escalates in both recreational and medicinal sectors, mushroom cultivation has emerged as a growing industry. A…

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The Intersections Between the Entheogenic and LGBTQ+ Movements

A Journey of Resilience and Advocacy As we celebrate Pride Month, we explore the intertwined narratives of the LGBTQ+ and the Entheogenic (psychedelic) movements. Both communities, though distinct, have shown…

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The Hero’s Journey with Magic Mushrooms

Embracing Transformation and Personal Growth Introduction The Hero’s Journey is a narrative framework that outlines the archetypal journey of personal growth, transformation, and self-discovery. The concept was introduced by Joseph…

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We’re a California formed NON-PROFIT ORG! We and the state of California are OFFICIALLY HITCHED! Thank you Alicia @ the FTB for all the painsaking emails back and forth until…

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Rethinking Alcohol Over Magic Mushrooms

Summary America’s mental health crisis, marked by increasing rates of anxiety and depression, is exacerbated by chronic alcohol consumption, which is deeply ingrained in our culture. Alcohol abuse can heighten…

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PUBLIC SAFETY ALERT: Fentanyl Found In Recreational Drugs