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Navigating the Stages of a Macro/High-Dose Magic Mushroom Journey

By Rev


Entheogenic mushrooms, known scientifically as Psilocybe species, have a rich history of use across various cultures for spiritual and self-betterment. A macrodose, usually between 2 to 4 grams of dried mushrooms (@ 1% avg potency), can facilitate a profound, transformative experience. This article offers guidance through the distinct stages of a macro magic mushroom journey and suggests self-improvement activities to enrich the experience.

Onset (15-20 minutes after ingestion)

This initial phase is characterized by a burgeoning sense of the mushrooms’ effects, potentially causing feelings of anticipation or nervousness.

Activity: Mindful Breathing

Mindful breathing exercises can be valuable in this phase to alleviate any initial excitement or apprehension, anchoring the individual in the present moment.

Come Up (60 minutes after ingestion)

In this stage, the effects start to intensify, leading to possible alterations in perception, such as heightened colors or patterns.

Activity: Journaling

Journaling can serve as a profound tool for self-exploration in this stage. Recording thoughts, emotions, and arising insights can aid in processing the experience and integrating the learnings into everyday life subsequently.

Peak (1-2 hour after ingestion)

This is the zenith of the journey, where individuals might traverse a spectrum of emotions and possibly encounter profound insights or spiritual revelations.

Activity: Guided Meditation

A guided meditation can assist in steering through the heightened experiences of this phase. Selecting a meditation that aligns with self-improvement themes, like self-love or forgiveness, can be particularly impactful.

Come Down (3-4 hours after ingestion)

This phase marks the gradual diminishment of effects, ushering a time for reflection and assimilation of insights and experiences acquired during the journey.

Activity: Nature Walk

Embarking on a gentle walk amidst nature can be therapeutic during the come-down, providing an opportunity for reflection and reconnection with the natural world.

Afterglow (6-12 hours after ingestion)

The afterglow is the lingering sense of peace, clarity, or a renewed perspective on life experienced after the main effects have worn off.

Activity: Artistic Expression

Engaging in artistic endeavors during the afterglow can be a potent means to encapsulate the experience. The non-verbal expression through drawing, painting, or music can facilitate the processing and communication of insights.


Undertaking a macro magic mushroom journey can be a substantial expedition of self-discovery and personal evolution. Incorporating self-improvement activities at each stage can amplify the journey and aid in embedding the gleaned insights into everyday life. It is crucial to engage in these experiences with reverence, in secure and supportive surroundings, and with the counsel of an informed entheogenic facilitator.


About Rev

“Rev” Hooman (Rev as in revelation) is the Founder of Entheology Project, a 508(c)(1)(a) Non-Profit Entheogenic Support Organization. We wrote MushGPT, a free entheogenic AI chatbot that raises entheo Seeker awareness. Please check out our projects and let us know how we can facilitate you! https://linktr.ee/therevhooman. 🍄❤️✌️

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