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The Hidden Dangers of Synthetic Alkaloids in Entheogenic Products

By Rev


The entheogenic community faces significant threats from synthetic alkaloids marketed under names that mimic natural mushrooms. One alarming case involves Diamond Shruumz, a product allegedly linked to severe health issues, including hospitalizations and seizures. This awareness article aims to raise public awareness about the dangers of these synthetic substances and the importance of rigorous testing to ensure safety.


Synthetic alkaloids, while chemically similar to their natural counterparts, pose unique risks due to their high potency and unregulated nature. These substances are often marketed to evade standard drug detection methods, making them appealing yet dangerous. Recent incidents involving products like Diamond Shruumz underscore the severity of the issue.

The Diamond Shruumz Case

Dr. Jerome Cordova, a physician in Arizona, reported multiple patients experiencing severe symptoms after consuming Diamond Shruumz chocolates, including nausea, vomiting, seizures, and unconsciousness. Some patients required ventilation and ICU care. Dr. Cordova highlighted the lack of safety instructions on the product packaging and urged consumers to avoid these products .

In a press release, Arizona poison centers also issued warnings about Diamond Shruumz, citing similar cases of severe health issues and emphasizing the urgent need for consumer awareness and regulatory action . The FDA has initiated an investigation into the illnesses linked to these microdosing chocolate bars .

The Risk of Synthetic Alkaloids

Synthetic alkaloids like 4-ACO-DET (among others), are often found at very high concentrations (~99% purity), and pose a high risk of overdose, especially when compared to natural alkaloids, which typically have .8% – 2% potency. This increases the likelihood of toxicity due to mismeasured batches. The potency and variability of synthetic alkaloids make them particularly dangerous for unregulated production and consumption.

Industry Practices and Misleading Marketing

Products in the entheogenic market often use names and packaging that suggest natural origins but contain synthetic compounds. These “non-detect” alkaloids are designed to bypass drug tests, making them particularly dangerous as consumers remain unaware of the true nature of these products. Allegations surrounding products like Diamond Shruumz suggest they are marketed as safe, natural alternatives but may contain harmful synthetic ingredients. See: “Non-Detect Magic Mushrooms: A Loophole That Can Land You in Jail for 20 Years.

Ensuring Safety

To address these risks, the Entheology Project is launching a national anonymous testing network this summer. This initiative will provide the public with access to testing kits and professional High-Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) lab testing, ensuring the safety of entheogenic products. Testing is the only reliable way to verify the contents and potency of these substances.

Tips for Consumers:

  1. Educate Yourself: Understand the differences between natural and synthetic alkaloids.
  2. Use Testing Kits: Test products before use to verify their contents.
  3. Purchase Wisely: Buy from reputable sources that offer transparency and proof of testing.
  4. Report Issues: Report adverse effects to health authorities and organizations like the Entheology Project.


The rise of synthetic alkaloids in entheogenic products poses a grave threat to public health. Through education, rigorous testing, and informed purchasing decisions, consumers can protect themselves from these hidden dangers. The Entheology Project remains committed to promoting safety and awareness within the community.

TikTok Video:


⚠️ WARNING: CONSUMER ALERT ⚠️ The Entheology Project is issuing an urgent warning about Diamond Shruumz mushroom chocolates and gummies. Reports have emerged of severe health issues, including nausea, vomiting, seizures, and unconsciousness, after consuming these products. Some cases have required hospitalization and ICU care. These products, often found in vape shops and gas stations, lack proper safety instructions and may contain dangerous synthetic alkaloids. Key Points: • Severe Health Risks: Multiple cases of severe reactions have been reported, including hospitalization. • Lack of Safety Information: Products lack adequate safety instructions and ingredient transparency. • Synthetic Alkaloids: These products may contain potent synthetic compounds that can be highly dangerous. How to Stay Safe: 1. Avoid Unknown Products: Do not consume products with unclear ingredients or insufficient safety information. 2. Report Adverse Effects: If you experience any adverse reactions, seek medical attention immediately and report the incident to health authorities. 3. Use Testing Kits: Only use entheogenic products that have been tested and verified for safety. The Entheology Project is launching a national anonymous testing network to provide reliable testing kits and lab services. Stay informed and protect your health. Full article: Disclaimer: The information in this warning includes references to a video by Dr. Cordova, a physician in Arizona, discussing the health risks associated with Diamond Shruumz products. The video details patient cases of severe reactions after consuming these products. For full context and more information, please view the original video on TikTok. Watch Dr. Cordova’s original video here: Note: The information presented in Dr. Cordova’s video and this warning is based on current reports and allegations and has not been proven in any court of law.

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